Code Your day

Code your day is a programming contest where you have to develop a program and debug errors. A simple question is given to you and you have to develop a code based on the question without errors. You can use any programming language.

Web Grafik

Web grafik is a event based on web designing. A simple topic or image will be provided based on which you have to create a web design. The design should be attractive and should relate the topic or image. Ready to become "BEST DESIGNERS".

Aero Car

The AEROCAR is a mechanical department event which develops your technical knowledge. Here it needs a bottle, pen body, balloon, bottle caps only. Apply Newton’s Third Law and develop a car with items mentioned above.

Auto CAD

Build the world on your desktop. See your dream building come true. All you have to grab a castle you built in thin air. Get hold of the mouse and AUTOCAD it.

Virtual Circuitrix

The event with two fragment having first as designing the circuits depending on the clues or kind of components name provided by us and next part will be supposed to debug or rectifying some errors in the emphasized circuits and between tos parts there will be some fun technical connection also.

Graphic Challenge

GRAPHIC CHALLENGE is an individual event images will be displayed on the screen. Based on that simple questions will be asked and each images is displayed only for certain period of time. It consist of four rounds.